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This Day in Curtis History… and Beyond!

Posted by Kristina Wilson on 4/3/20 10:08 AM

629T Curtis Library; Pollinger etching of Knapp Hall, circa 1925

On April 3, 1925, students of the Curtis Preparatory Department gave a concert in Knapp Hall (now the Rock Resource Center). The Preparatory Department, an original core element of Curtis’s educational structure, was intended for students who, though less advanced, showed an exceptional aptitude and interest in music. The goal for these preparatory students was admission to the Conservatory Department, which was analogous to the Curtis of today.

However, this separation of instruction only lasted for one school year, after which it was decided to amend the terms of acceptance and streamline the two departments into one cohesive unit of instruction. In the fall of 1925, following the discontinuation of the Preparatory Department, Knapp Hall became the home of the Department of Stringed Instruments and Theory.

Also on this day:

1889: Grigoras Dinicu, Romanian violin virtuoso and composer, born in Bucharest

1897: Johannes Brahms, German composer and conductor, dies in Vienna, Austria

1948: Garrick Ohlsson, American pianist, born in Bronxville, New York

1950: Kurt Weill, German composer, dies in New York City

1954: Elisabetta Brusa, Italian composer, born in Milan

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