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For students, faculty, staff & alumni: What Curtis librarians and archivists do

Posted by Pete Williams on 9/4/20 1:34 PM


Rock Resource Center 2014Ever wonder what librarians and archivists do at Curtis? Or what kinds of services libraries provide to conservatories, departments of music, and other institutions like Curtis? Whether you’re a student, alum, faculty or staff member, Curtis librarians and archivists are here to help you.

(Please note: None of this includes the work of the orchestra library! Stay tuned for more information on how the orchestra library serves the Curtis community.)

Library mission statement

Comprising the John de Lancie Library and the Curtis Archives, the Rock Resource Center’s mission is to:

  • provide Curtis students, faculty, and staff with the best possible collection of printed music, books, periodicals, recordings, and electronic resources needed to fulfill the school's mission
  • promote the Rock Resource Center's holdings through forward thinking and open patron service; and
  • preserve and make Curtis’s past accessible to the greater Curtis community.

This includes maintaining a collection of more than 100,000 music scores, books, and recordings for study and performance. In addition, the Rock Resource Center collects manuscripts, gifts of music, and memorabilia of Curtis and people associated with it in the archives.

Student services

To serve students, the librarians and archivists at Curtis:

  • Collect, preserve, and provide access to print and digital collections—scores, books, recordings, electronic materials, archival records and resources
  • Obtain performance rights and monitor copyright issues
  • Provide spaces for individual or group study and meetings
  • Offer opportunities for student employment
  • Provide instruction in library research and resources (individual and group; formal and informal) for performance, musical studies, and liberal arts courses
  • Provide technology services--we lend tablets, media devices, headphones, synthesizers, projectors, DVD drives; we provide access to computers, printers, and scanners in the library building
  • Purchase and provide access to print and electronic textbooks for Curtis courses

Faculty services

If you’re on the faculty, we:

  • Hold information literacy sessions for specific courses or assignments
  • Provide consultations for syllabi, readings, research, course activities
  • Create web guides to library collections tailored to individual courses or topics
  • Support use of Curtis’ learning management system (Canvas) in conjunction with IT
  • Order textbooks for your courses

Staff services

If you’re on the staff, we:

  • Provide access to library and archives collections and help you find resources
  • Collect materials based on staff recommendations
  • Provide spaces for events, individual work or study
  • Collect, preserve, and provide access to Curtis historical and administrative records

Alumni services

If you’re an alum of Curtis, the librarians and archivists:

  • Maintain alumni library accounts for local alumni
  • Provide access to scores and to the library building for local alumni
  • Provide recordings of your Curtis recitals
  • Collect gifts or bequests

 In addition to the above, Curtis librarians and archivists also:

  • Serve on administrative, curricular, and operating committees at Curtis
  • Participate in regional, national, and international professional associations (such as the Music Library Association and the Society of American Archivists)
  • Provide general information about Curtis to non-Curtis-related folks
  • Host outside researchers wanting to explore Curtis’ archives
  • Promote library and archives collections through physical and online exhibits and social media

If you have questions, or would like help with any of the above, we’d love to hear from you! Just email us at library@curtis.edu. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @CurtisInstLibrary.